TrueCrypt v5.0a is out! Check out the new features…


TrueCrypt is the best, free, open-source, cross-platform, on-the-fly encryption software, period.

Version 5.0a adds Mac OSX support, entire disk partition support, including the System partition, performance improvements and more!

If you have sensible information, TrueCrypt is a must-have.

TrueCrypt Web site : TrueCrypt review by Steeve Gibson :


2 Responses

  1. True Crypt will *not* speed up your PC as Steve states

  2. Fur sure, the process of encrypting will not speed up a PC. There is some overhead for the encryption process. However, the new version 5.0 uses a new XTS technique that is faster than the previous 4.x versions. See :
    Steve just made a new Security now episode on truecrypt 5.0. ref: and

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