I’m a happy owner of a Samsung Galaxy S phone since december 2010.

Model : GT-I9000M, also known as Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant.
OS         :  2.2 Froyo (when bought)
Carrier: Virgin mobile (Bell Network) HSPA+

I upgraded the OS to stock 2.3.3  Gingerbread in June 2011, as soon as Canadian Telcos let the update out.

Tried to root this stock 2.3.3 using SuperOneClick and the newer GingerBreak but none works on Galaxy S / 2.3.3 ;-(

In november 2011, I flashed a 2.3.3 kernel UGKG3 (for canadian ROM) with root (found on xda , msg #3)

Got root on Gingerbread! I can now use Titanium backup again…
I now think that I’ll stay on 2.3.3 for a some time… Ice Cream Sandwich was announced for the Galaxy S but Canadian Telcos  are slow to release new Android versions.

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