Free online antivirus service

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A free online virus and malware scanner is available at
Simply upload a file and the web site will scan with over 30 different AV engines with a detailed report.
Great for scanning suspicious files, from unknown sources such as downloads from P2P networks or BT…

New: every file uploaded is now hashed with MD5 and reports are now saved for every file. If you submit a file that has been already scanned, you will have the option to bypass the scanning process and displaying the last report for the file.

Happy scanning.


Online backup solution from Mozy, for free


It’s a fact : Hard drive fails, period. The only thing that we don’t know is when. When it happens, it’s too late, data is lost.
Everyone should have a decent backup solution. With Mozy Home free, there is no reason not to have a backup.

Mozy is a backup service that stores your data online, at Mozy’s storage centers.

It’s secure : data is encrypted with a 448-bit key and transmitted over SSL 128-bit.
It’s simple : the software let you select what to backup , using file types or directory structure.
It’s free : You can sing up for a 2GB account for free, upgrade to unlimited version for 4.95/month if needed.
It’s automatic : Mozy software will perform automatic backups of new and modified files based on a schedule.
It’s efficient : Open & locked file support can backup files that are opened by other software.
It saves bandwidth : Block-level incremental backup send only modified block(s) within a modified file instead of transmitting the whole file.

I have used the service for over a year and it works very well. I highly recommend it.
The company Berkely Data Systems has been acquired recenlty by EMC Corporation. EMC is a world leader in information storage, information management and data protection software.

Sign up for free at (Click Mozy Home button, then Mozy Home Free on the left pane)