Online backup solution from Mozy, for free


It’s a fact : Hard drive fails, period. The only thing that we don’t know is when. When it happens, it’s too late, data is lost.
Everyone should have a decent backup solution. With Mozy Home free, there is no reason not to have a backup.

Mozy is a backup service that stores your data online, at Mozy’s storage centers.

It’s secure : data is encrypted with a 448-bit key and transmitted over SSL 128-bit.
It’s simple : the software let you select what to backup , using file types or directory structure.
It’s free : You can sing up for a 2GB account for free, upgrade to unlimited version for 4.95/month if needed.
It’s automatic : Mozy software will perform automatic backups of new and modified files based on a schedule.
It’s efficient : Open & locked file support can backup files that are opened by other software.
It saves bandwidth : Block-level incremental backup send only modified block(s) within a modified file instead of transmitting the whole file.

I have used the service for over a year and it works very well. I highly recommend it.
The company Berkely Data Systems has been acquired recenlty by EMC Corporation. EMC is a world leader in information storage, information management and data protection software.

Sign up for free at (Click Mozy Home button, then Mozy Home Free on the left pane)